Social & Special Events

social eventOur Social & Special Event Contributors

California Academy of Sciences, Claudia Reinhart, Genentech Gives Back, Julie Walters, Mazzetti’s Bakery, Pacifica’s Libraries

Aquarium of the Bay, California Academy of Science, Claudia Reinhart, Julie Walters, Mazzetti’s Bakery, Oceana Gallery, VMware Give Back

Jennifer Ball & Mike Varney (Party on the Point), Oceana Gallery, VMware Give Back

Cindy Abbott, Genentech Gives Back, Margo Meiman

Note: Partners listed in alphabetical order.

You can contribute to any one or more of our social or special events that support our field and education programs, beach and community cleanups, and volunteer recruitment, or extend appreciation for our Earth Heroes by making a tax deductible contribution or in-kind donation at any time of the year.

See our partners making a difference by supporting our mission, programs and events: