Inspiring youth at Rockaway beach

Pacifica Coastline is known for a fog that can squeeze the warmth from your bones.  But on Saturday the fog opened it’s arms just so the Beach Coalition at Rockaway could scour the beach for trash while basking in the morning sun.  Site Captains Wendolyn and Michael and Naturalist Nancy were joined by 40 fabulous volunteers who got hard to work on cleaning the beach.  We were delighted to have a group from Stratford School join us.  These young Earth Heroes dragged their parents up and down the coast in search of things to pick up.  The littles each got an Earth Hero pin and a Mission Blue Butterfly sticker that we hope will inspire them and others.  We also had a few students from Skyline College, and Oceana HS.  We love our student volunteers! A few of our regular volunteers noted that there was a bit less trash than usual.  But there is always too much.  In all 3 large buckets of recyclables, 800 cigarette butts and 30 pounds of trash.  We are looking forward to our Earth Day Cleanup on April 23rd.  Hope to see you there!

Post by Wendy Najar