Adopt Your Beach, Adopt Your Park

Organize your own cleanup or habitat restoration in or near your neighborhood

The Pacific Beach Coalition, in partnership with the California Coastal Commission, coordinates the Adopt-A-Beach program at 10 sites along the San Mateo County coast. As one of our most popular field programs, it is a great way for individuals, organizations, businesses, schools, or community groups to “take action” and engage in hands-on experiential learning that protects and preserves our beaches.

If you love a beach or a spot that is not already part of our monthly Adopt-A-Beach Program, we invite you to become a site captain and volunteer for the Pacific Beach Coalition. We can help you get started if you want to lead your own projects, which can include:
– Beach cleanup
– Street cleanup
– River cleanup
– Park cleanup
– Habitat restoration

  • WHO: Individuals, groups, businesses, organizations, schools or families can choose to adopt any beach, street, river, park of their liking.
  • WHEN: Participants schedule their desired regular cleanup time with us to ensure the timeslot and beach site is available. Adoptees commit to cleaning their spot at least three times a year, although school groups can fulfill their obligation with a single cleanup. Everyone is encouraged to re-adopt at the end of the year.
  • WHY: The Adopt-A-Beach program fosters pride and ownership as volunteer Earth Heroes begin to care for and steward “their” beach.

Site Captain Responsibilities

You will have a few responsibilities such as:
– Help promote your project with the help of our marketing and communication team
– Instruct volunteers during the cleanup
– Oversee data collection
– Coordinate with your town/county to dispose of the waste (green waste, trash, recycle)
– Store your supplies
– Participate in our meetings and site captain training

Site Captain Training

Our team of veteran site captains will, of course, train you and provide assistance until you get more comfortable. Some elements of the training include:
– Assist site captains at the location of your choice (hands on experience)
– Learn about our outreach and marketing tools
– Learn about the safety policies and best practices
– Join our monthly meetings to hear and learn from other site captains

What PBC Provides

The Pacific Beach Coalition has been leading beach cleanups and habitat restoration for over 20 years! So, we like to think that we became expert in this domain 🙂 And our expertise is what we will be giving you!
But we will also provide:
– Visibility on the website to promote your location
– Access to our marketing tools to help with the outreach
– Signage for your location
– Supplies for your project
– Support for when you need it

We need Site Captains! Here is the list of locations in need.

If you are interested in becoming a site captain or have any questions, please send us an email at info[at] or contact us via our online form.

Remember that the data collected about debris at your cleanup will help spread the message about the dangers of litter in the local and marine environment.

adopt a beach actual signage

More on How to “Adopt Your Beach”

The Pacific Beach Coalition coordinates the Adopt-A-Beach program in San Mateo County. Sign up today to adopt a site of your choice and conduct cleanups based on your schedule!

When a group “adopts” a beach, they commit to cleaning it at least three times per year, although school groups can fulfill their obligation with a single cleanup.

If you have any questions or are interested in joining out team of volunteers, send us an email at info [at]
We look forward to hearing from you!

Just want to organize your cleanup? Check out these tips to lead your own!