Ambassador Program Info and Data Log

Welcome to the Ambassador Program Information and Data Log Space


Pacific Beach Coalition’s Ambassadors project continues and expands the educational and environmental efforts of our award winning nonprofit organization. So thank you for your hard work and contribution!

Please keep spreading the word around you. Our goal is to recruit 72 volunteers or more for our 24 identified neighborhoods.



1. Fill out form below – If you don’t remember your zone, check our project map below the form.
2. Send pictures (highly encouraged) at



Here is the map with our 24 designated areas. Please refer to this map if you do not remember which zone you cleanup prior filling out the data collection form above.



We created a dedicated Facebook group that will serve as a discussion board, hub for updates and to allow ambassadors to meet and chat with each other. This of course means that you need a Facebook account to access this group. If you do not have a Facebook account, all updates and important information will be shared by emails. Make sure to let Tom know by email so that it can keep you in the loop!

Access group here.


We would love to see your hard work!

We are always looking for pictures to illustrate our progress, to get grants or to highlight a great effort done that might inspire others. If you do take pictures please consider the following:

  • If you take picture of yourself, don’t forget to smile.
  • Don’t be shy, ask someone to take a picture of you! Who knows, this might spark some interest.
  • Take picture of the trash you collected in front of a pretty landscape (beach, view, neighborhood etc…).
  • Try to take horizontal pictures when possible (easier for us to re-use).
  • Take a picture of the area you are about to cleanup and another one afterward. Before/after pictures are very impactful!
  • Take sharp photos, we won’t be able to re-use the blurry ones.
  • Take pictures of items that unsusual and/or are harmful to the wildlife. This will gratefully highlight the importance of your work.

Example of pictures:

Example of unusual item found.

Volunteer with trash collected.

Display of trash collected.

Happy volunteer with her bucket.

Balloon: Harmful item found.

Picture of trash before being cleaned up.

Smiling volunteer with trash in the background.