Plastic Free Future

Reuse. Reduce. Refuse.

Plastic Free Future wants to educate the local community about the harmful impacts of single-use plastic and how we can all make our beautiful coastal town an example of environmental stewardship by eliminating plastic pollution at its source.


Business education outreach to ensure compliance with Pacifica’s ban on single use plastics.

On October 22nd, 2018 the City of Pacifica adopted Resolution 2755 banning the use of single-use plastic including straws, stirrers and cutlery. The Pacific Beach Coalition was behind the team creating the petition, collecting signatures and actively participating in City Council meetings that contributed to the ban passing unanimously. Both before and after the ordinance was adopted, several businesses approached the PBC asking for advice on how to provide more sustainable options to their costumers with our common objective of reducing the amount of single use plastic reaching our beaches. That’s how PLASTIC FREE PACIFICA  was born.

Our goal is to help over 100 businesses understanding the social and environmental impact of complying with the food ware ban to reduce the use of singe use plastic.

Join the movement! Let’s say “no” to single use plastic!


Plastic is a petroleum product; to truly divest from fossil fuels, we must reduce our collective plastic footprint.

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