Local Business


BookKeeping Plus+ Team during our 2013 Earth Day Beach Cleanup


The power of giving back is good for business! Businesses that support causes, give back in meaningful ways and contribute to a more vibrant community remain relevant in today’s evolving marketplace.

The Pacific Beach Coalition welcomes partnerships with local and Bay Area retail, online and home-based businesses that seek to, or have integrated “purpose” into their day-to-day practices. Studies demonstrate that consumers prefer to patron businesses who engage in activities that support quality of life and goodwill in the community.

Stand apart from the competition. Strengthen community relationships. Improve public image. Create indirect marketing opportunities. Foster customer loyalty. These are just a few of the many tangible rewards of connecting with our volunteers (more than 12,000 in 2014) by becoming involved in our programs, and with our community on a deeper level.

Be an Earth Hero. Share your enthusiasm and passion for our community, its beaches, native habitat, wildlife and ocean with us!

Take action. Join us!
Whether it’s becoming a member, attending our meetings or adopting and keeping your outdoor storefront space clean, we offer rewarding and hands-on opportunities to interact with the diverse range of participants in our programs and promote your business while giving back to community and learning more about protecting and preserving our ocean, beaches, coastline and natural beauty that residents and visitors alike take great pride in.

Send us an email at info[at]PacificaBeachCoalition.org to continue your community engagement, or learn more about our Local Business Program and how to get started at any time during the year by partnering with the Pacific Beach Coalition.