Board of Directors

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Left to right: Jim, Ana, Claudia, Julie, Paula, Michael, Lynn and Celine.

Pacific Beach Coalition (PBC) is led by a volunteer President and a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of corporate and community leaders who donate their time and talent to running PBC’s current education and field programs in the most impactful and rewarding way.

Lynn Adams (president) has led our growing team of Earth Heroes since assuming her role in 2005, fulfilling multiple volunteer capacities that have engaged a diverse community of coastal stewards in learning and taking action through our field and education programs. From coordinating our Adopt a Beach Program, expanding Earth Day & EcoFest‘s presence and impact in the Bay Area, establishing our School Assembly, Give Back and Local Business Programs, to her hands-on involvement in restoring native habitat, guiding beach and community cleanups, and fostering media relations, Lynn has championed our mission of protecting the ocean, coastal habitat and wildlife. (Read more …)

Jim Fithian (vice president) has been an active volunteer member since 1997. He established our first beach cleanup and has led monthly cleanups since September 1998 for our first Adopt-A-Beach site at Linda Mar as its site co-captain along with wife Ana. His focus on direct ‘eco-action’ began while dogwalking (and picking up litter) along Pacifica’s shoreline which evolved into leading by example to inspire Pacifica to be an environmentally responsible city. He participates in education, advocacy and other hands-on activities to guide current and future generations, including school and civic groups, to be engaged as lifelong stewards. (Read more …) 

Michael Ayala (treasurer) has been an active volunteer member since 2008 first volunteering for Clark Natwick – Pacifica’s pioneer of native habitat restoration – in 2009, then leading monthly events along the dunes at Linda Mar Beach in 2010. He extends this unique field experience to groundskeeper for the Pacifica School District. Michael’s stewardship began in 2005 while dogwalking (and picking up litter) along Pacifica’s shoreline, participating in annual Earth Day of Action, and assisting Adopt-A-Beach cleanups alongside wife Dina as site co-captain. (Read more …)

Ana Garcia (scribe) has been an active volunteer member of our Earth Hero team for more than 17 years. She established our first beach cleanup and has led monthly cleanups since September 1998 for our first Adopt-A-Beach site at Linda Mar as site co-captain alongside husband Jim.  Dedicated to being part of the solution, she has been a vital part of setting the foundation for the coalition since her involvement began while dogwalking (and picking up litter) along Pacifica’s shoreline, and has evolved into a wide variety of important roles steadily guiding our team and volunteers. (Read more …) 

Celine Gerakin joined volunteer cleanups in Pacifica and Daly City then signed on to become our site captain leading cleanups at our newest Adopt-A-Beach site at Pillar Point Harbor in 2014. In addition to beach cleanups, Celine is involved in fishing line recycling and water quality programs. She was recently recognized by the San Mateo County Harbor Commission as recipient of their 2014 Environmental Leader Award in Half Moon Bay. By profession, Celine is an online marketing manager at located in San Francisco. She earned a masters in business and marketing in her hometown of Paris. (Read more …)

Claudia Reinhart has been a member of our committee since 2012 engaged in nearly every aspect of our fundraising, field and education programs.  She is our site captain leading monthly Adopt-A-Beach cleanups at Esplanade Beach, as well as the pioneer of our Green Team established to revitalize Pacifica’s Manor business district. She is active in our current cigarette butt litter campaign, involved in outreach during Earth Day of Action and FogFest, has led our Local Business Program and participated in our 911 cleanups and fundraising events.  Her leadership is solutions-based with hands-on creativity. She has hosted “The Most Romantic” beach cleanup on Valentine’s Day and welcomed the new year with a caring act on New Year’s Day. (Read more …)

Paula Teixeira joined our Earth Hero team in 2011, and leads the environmental public education component of Earth Day of Action otherwise known as EcoFest, as well as our public education programs in partnership with Pacifica’s Libraries. Paula is the circulation supervisor for San Mateo County Library system in Pacifica. She has led volunteer coordination and fundraising efforts as a parent in the Pacifica School District. Her chairmanship of Ingrid B. Lacy Middle School’s signature fundraiser, the Chocolate Fest, enabled the important purchase of smart boards and new computers for the teachers among other purchases. She also served as hospitality chair on their PTO board of directors. As an Ocean Shore School parent, she spearheaded a Scholastic Book Fair raising funds for a library staff position. (Read more … )

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